Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ripface Invasion - "To Not Give In"

Red from Ripface Invasion knew about the future even back in the 90′s. I’m not talking about the monsters from outer space taking over Earth and the handful of elite commandos left to fight back, of whom one remains alive (the story of the band’s comic book mascot, Ripface Meltech).

Almost two decades ago, in his teens, when Red was turning his now legendary band I.D.K. into local leaders of hardcore despite the fact that their sound defied the genre, he knew that eventually the mystery of the mainstream way of making music was going to be gone. Red knew the curtain maintaining the myth of the wizard behind it was going to be drawn, exposing an old company man talking into a marketing machine. He knew that the survivors, after the smoke cleared, would be those who, like him, knew how to do it all themselves.

Ripface Invasion - "To Not Give In"

The timing is perfect because hero worship is over. Hollywood wonders why this is its worst box office year ever… It’s because the whole world is at a punk show now, a punk show in every medium, on the Internet. It is an audience that is bent on making it as entertainers against all odds. Red has been singing to that audience since they were cutting classes and taking the dollar bus to the city.

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